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Walsall Deaf Peoples Centre

Walsall Deaf Peoples Centre is an independent charity providing community, social and sporting activities for deaf sign language users in the locality. More than 300 deaf people regularly use the Centre as well as other community groups supporting disabled people.
Chief Executive Ken Whittingham has been involved for some years in research to find solutions for the social exclusion of deaf sign Language users. The European-funded  i-Afiel project(Innovative approaches to integration in e-learning) proved beyond doubt that deaf people (perhaps more than any other generic group in Europe) are deprived of access to the digital world. As digital platforms are gradually becoming the preferred method of delivery for most statutory and educational activity, deaf sign language users face ever more exclusion from mainstream life. The Basic English for Deaf Adults (BASE) project provided entry level literacy in English language to deaf people in Europe whose first  language is Sign Language. This meant designing a course of English as a Second language, with no reference to sound, which offered  Deaf people the opportunityto learn to read and write via an online platform and thus reach the first rung of the ladder to digital inclusion.


University of Central Lancashire –

Department of BSL & Deaf Studies

UCLAN has growing national and international reputation as centre of excellence for British Sign Language and Deaf Studies and the development of Sign Language interpreting as a career profession. The department has been involved in numerous international projects including “SignON!”, a on-line higher education English course for international sign language users.  This was a Socrates project, funded by the EU, which ended in October 2007. UCLAN was also a partner in a Grundtvig project aimed at Deaf people with no achievements in formal education: Basic English for Deaf Adults and Signs2Go, an EACEA Project aimed at teaching British Sign Language to international deaf students. UCLan teaches a suite of BSL and Deaf Studies courses, many of which are unique in the higher education sector. These include an MA in BSL/English Interpreting, a BSL and Deaf Studies degree and a British Sign Language Teacher Training course.


Eldy NGO

ELDY is a not for profit project that began in 2006 with the aim of making the internet and digital communication accessible to senior citizens who find the world of computers, and mobile devices confusing and frightening.
This has lead to large majority of citizens being isolated and missing out on the advantages of the e-revolution in government services, commerce and all aspects of daily life.
Eldy is now available in 29 different languages as a simplified Graphic User interface to allow all Citizens to access the internet, send email, chat by message or video, access popular news, weather and TV websites, without having to use a standard browser with its complex menus and millions of options, which dismay and confuse. Eldy has big buttons and once click solutions to carry out common daily digital tasks for the individual one user.


Nominet Trust

More than just funding

We bring together and invest in people committed to using the internet to make society better.


The Sylvia Adams Charitable Trust

Our mission is to help our beneficiary charities, and those philanthropists we work with, to deliver solutions that work. We are striving to be an organisation which is approachable and respectful and which makes grants efficiently, fairly and objectively within clearly stated guidelines.